Price Overview

The prices for the International Website Trust Standard (IWTS) are graduated according to the size of the company and the number of pages and are identical for both the German version and the international version.
Information on pricing can be found below.

Notes on the use of certificates and certification

Certification is carried out by the independent certification body Control Union Certifications Germany GmbH, which works on the basis of ISO 17065 and to which the certification applications are forwarded.

The prices include certification based on a desk audit and, after successful certification, the IWTS certificate and the IWTS seal. The IWTS seal can be effectively placed in the media on the certified website to show users and visitors of the site that your website is secure. The desk audit usually begins 10 to 15 days after all necessary preliminary work has been submitted to the certification body and the invoice amount has been paid in full (see also Certification Procedure).

The IWTS certificate is valid for one year after certification. After one year, recertification must be carried out if the IWTS certificate and the IWTS seal, as proof of the security standard, are still to be used on the operator's website. The website operator will be informed in good time so that a recertification can be applied for and the IWTS certificate and the IWTS seal can be used on the website without interruption.

IWTS certificates are not exchangeable and cannot be transferred, loaned or sold. An IWTS certificate is only valid for independent companies or persons acting in business, in connection with the deposited and checked website and its domain.

Notes on the prices

Every commercial, freelance or legal person as a website operator (no natural person in the sense of an end user) should be enabled to obtain IWTS certification.

Therefore, the prices are deliberately designed in such a way that the costs are equitably oriented to effort and user size. For this reason, no standard prices are applied, because larger companies and projects also have a larger scope of inspection and therefore require more effort.

Further information on the IWTS-Standard