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FdWB subsidy to certify a website with the IWTS-Standard

The FdWB, as IWTS standard giver, promotes with a subsidy the consultation for the acquisition of certifying as well as the consultation during the certification support by IT service providers and consulting firms.

The subsidy for a certification can be claimed for every mediated and executed certification with the IWTS-Standard, with or without an executed consultancy.

The amount of the subsidy is unique per certification of a website and amounts to 25% of the net certification costs according to valid Price List IWTS-Standard Website Certification. Deadline is the application, for each certification from a website project with a unique URL. There is a maximum limit of 2,000 Euro per certification with the IWTS-Standard.

The payment is made with the confirmation of the successful certification.

The application for certification must be made, independent of the FdWB, on any online application form at the partners of the certification body of Control Union Certifications Germany GmbH (CUCG), or directly at CUCG.

If you have received authorization from your customers/clients to apply for certification with the IWTS-Standard, you can also apply by proxy.

The first application for certification via an online application form with the partners of the certification body CUCG or directly with CUCG is decisive for the eligible claim of the promotion.

It is not possible to receive a subsidy for certification with the free use and application of the IWTS-Standard. There is no legal claim for a subsidy.

Status as of 18.09.2020

Inquiries about promotions & subsidies

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