Integration Assistance

Assistance IWTS Seal Integration

The integration of the IWTS Seal into the website can be carried out by each certificate acquirer himself or by an IT service provider. Alternatively, the Fachverband deutscher Webseiten-Betreiber (FdWB; Association of German Website Operators) offers the option of having the integration carried out by an IT service provider who is registered with the FdWB: Integration Service IWTS Seal.

Upon successful completion of the certification, a short HTML code as well as detailed instructions on how to integrate this HTML code into the certified website will be sent by e-mail together with the confirmation of the successful certification. After the HTML code has been integrated into the certified website, the IWTS Seal is displayed as an image and thus confirms the successful certification, visible to every visitor of the website.

The instructions on how to integrate the HTML code can also be found here in the following section. Either give the HTML code and the integration instructions to your IT service provider or integrate the HTML code yourself on your website according to the following instructions. The FdWB can also offer you integration at a fixed price by an IT service provider: Integration Service IWTS Seal.

Integration Guide IWTS Seal

  1. Receive HTML code with certification confirmation
  2. Integrate HTML code as you wish in a present location, preferably in the header, footer or fixed sidebar where the IWTS Seal can be seen from any of your pages.

Confirm the successful integration into your website so that we can successfully complete your processing. If you have questions about the integration process, you can contact us via the Contact Form or via the e-mail address .

The following uses are not permitted

  • Only integrate the HTML code provided to you after certification.
  • IWTS Seals whose HTML code has been altered without permission are invalid and thus also the IWTS Certification.
  • Lending, exchanging or selling in any form is not permitted.
  • At the end of the period in which the certification is valid or if circumstances arise that do not meet or contradict one or more certification requirements, the HTML code must be removed immediately.